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Meet The Laws

Jason Michael and Kelly Day have been a team since 2003.


They met in Ocean City, MD, and took their friendship to Boulder, CO, where it quickly blossomed into more.  This cross-country move was to become indicative of their relationship, one that is strongly focused on travel.


In 2006, a 7 week Central American backpacking trip left them longing for more.  Kelly and Jason were both successfully working in marketing in 2009 when they decided to take a leap of faith and turn their lives into an adventure.


The adventurous team spent several years living and working outside of the country, from Honduras, to Guatemala, and eventually Ecuador.  It was an incredible adventure, but one that left them virtually penniless, so they returned to the States to put their skills to work in a new way.  They learned that they not only made a great couple, but they were an amazing working team as well.  This is when they discovered Experiential Marketing!


Since 2011, Jason and Kelly have been working in the Experiential Marketing industry as Professional Tour Managers.  They have been across the country on many exciting tours, and are always looking for their next big adventure!



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